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Yaday Software Corp.
  • City:          Colonel Hill
  • Country:    Afghanistan
  • Joined:      10-27-2009 10:54:11
  • Speciality:  Web Desgin,Programming,Database,Admin Support,SEO
  • Skill:            PHP, JAVA, C++, Perl/Shell,C#, .NET, Ruby,AJAX, JAVASCRIPT, Mysql, Mssql, Oracle
Yaday Software Corp. is an ISV (independent software developer) which has many items of proprietary intellectual property rights products. We bend ourselves to the R&D (research and development) of medium and small--sized enterprises management software and network games products, and we also provide from the registration of Domain Name, the lease of web hosting, web producer, the design and development of web, web popularization and a series of servers. They are the enterprise network image producer¡¯s and intra-enterprise management and spread¡¯s right hands. Yaday also establishes close cooperation relationship with all major famous web portals and media, let we can do better and more efficiently in helping enterprises with web application and web popularization aspects.

       Now the company main product lines cover ERP(enterprise resource planning),SCM(supply chain management),YACRM(Yaday customer relationship management), OA(office automatic) and high point enterprise informationization products, they cover medium and small-sized enterprise e-commence tool, enterprise management tool, enterprise communication tool and office automatic tool.

       Yaday software was founded in Fuzhou in 2003. Many years later, our customers cover from home to aboard, (Philippines, India, USA, Canada, Japan and Taiwan) we win the customer support and affirm through the excellent technology and first service, and establish friendly long term cooperation relationship with them.

      Yaday upholds the principle of self-renovation all the way, collects the years¡¯ e-business experience, takes full advantage of the integration of internet, communication and software, stands in the leading edge technology in the software industry, combines excellent enterprise management thought with advanced information technology. Yaday changes the central pattern of depending on selling products in Chinese traditional software thoroughly, and creates more wealth for customers and get more value for itself. 

      Yaday has high quality core manager layer and masterly R&D personnel, upholds the values of customer first, handing together, embracing change, honest, enthusiasm, devotion. We will continue to constant innovate and develop more and better products by the guide of the need of customers to actualize better economic benefits for new and regular customers,  and the company can get faster and better development in the same time.


house-sourcing website design
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It is a platform which provides the selling,buying houses, low-cost, convenient and provide efficient information about property.


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